You’ll Be Amazed When You’ll See Where This Flower Has Bloomed

The force of life is stronger than anything else. Even in the harshest conditions, it finds its way. Here's the proof! As reported by Natalie Shoemaker, Big Think, astronaut Scott Kelly dedicated his energy to a very precious project and shared an incredible news with the world a couple of days ago. 


Image source: Big Think

“Yes, there are other life forms in space!” astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted over the weekend. For the first time in our history, a flower has bloomed in space.

The zinnias have been in Kelly's care for the past month. But for the past year, scientists up in the International Space Station (ISS) have tried to make this plant bloom with no success. Growing plants in microgravity isn't easy, and past failures have helped pave the way to this recent success.


Our plants aren't looking too good. Would be a problem on Mars. I'm going to have to channel my inner Mark Watney, said Kelly on Twitter.

Kelly took charge of the zinnias as the autonomous gardener onboard the ISS. He ditched the rulebook and treated the plants as he would his own garden back on Earth. A month after he took over, a zinnia bloomed in space:


Another word from Kelly: How does your garden grow? Here's how my came to bloom:

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