Wanna Know, Why Is This The Most Heartbreaking Makeup Tutorial Ever?

If you are looking for some true positive daily inspiration & the best make-up ideas, then watch this inpiring video by a paralyzed woman Jordan Bone.  Personally, I think that she is adorable and very courageous to publish this video to the world. Everyone has to overcome some obstacles in life, but to see her devotion, perseverance and will to make this beautiful makeup and show it to the world is really something, don't you agree?

As we can see, life hasn't been easy on her. On top, she had to face some viewers ridiculed her technique.

By letting herself be exposed to the world, she has put some strong messages to everyone: firstly, to understand each other and to put ourselves in one's shoes before we make our judgment, and secondly, to reconsider our daily problems, that seem so unbeatable – are they really as horrible as they seem? Do you agree? Share your thoughts with me!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.


Author: daymotivation

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