Top Cancer Researchers Have Comforting News Regarding Cell Phones

Finally some comforting news! As top cancer researchers have found out, there is no fear of developing brain tumors, as a consequence of the usage of cell phones, explain on Big Think. Hooray! We have often feared that the immense increase of cell phone usage will demand to pay a price, but luckily for all of us, that's not the case.


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A group of top cancer researchers out of the University of Sydney pored over 29-years of data to come to that conclusion. They pulled their data from the Australian National Cancer Registry because all cancer diagnoses in Australia have to be legally registered. The team compared “age and gender-specific incidence rates of 19,858 male and 14,222 females diagnosed with brain cancer between 1982 and 2012, and mobile phone usage data from 1987 to 2012,” writes lead researcher Simon Chapman in the study, published by The International Journal of Cancer Epidemiology. The cell phone data begins in 1987 because that’s when they were first widely available in Australia.

After factoring in age-specific rates of cancer diagnoses, the immense increase of cell phone use, and a 10-year timeframe to develop a diagnosis, the researchers came to a very reassuring conclusion: “We found no increase in brain cancer incidence compatible with the steep increase in mobile phone use.”

Hooray! We can all keep using our cell phones without fear of developing brain tumors. The results weren’t all great, though: “Modeled expected incidence rates were higher in all age groups in comparison to what was observed,” with a predicted 2038 expected diagnoses of brain cancer for all age groups. However, the rise of brain cancer diagnoses will likely not be caused by cell phones. “Brain cancer incidence between 1982 and 2013 has not increased in any age group except those aged 70–84… [but] the increase began in 1982 before mobile phones were introduced.”

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