These 5 Things Will Make Your Holiday Season Unforgettable And Meaningful

As beautiful as holiday season can be, it can also be stressful and lonely. Instead of putting together a list of things we should improve next year, we can try to do something for us and for our surrounding right now. These simple 5 things I found over on Pick The Brain will help you have the most beautiful time of the year.


Image source: Lars Plougmann

1. Help someone in need.

Whether it’s your grandma or the local shelter, taking a little time to help someone will mean the world to them.

Recently, I donated blood to a charity and cannot express how great it felt to know I could be saving someone’s life

2. Let go of the past.

 We can easily become disheartened at setbacks. Instead, learn from them. Understand why something negative happened and what you can take away from the experience. And once you’ve done so, set it loose.

3. Send a note to someone who you lost touch with.

 I know, it can seem strange to contact someone you haven’t spoken to in years. But you might be surprised at how much people appreciate it.

Just a simple message saying, “Hey, how’s it going? Haven’t chatted in awhile and hope things are well,” will do.

4. Treat yourself to something nice.

 How often do we set aside time to treat ourselves?

Do something nice for yourself today.

5. Take a walk outside.

With all the things we need to do everyday, exercise seems like an afterthought. Take a walk in your neighborhood or a nearby park, even if it’s snowing outside (bundle up!).

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