The reason why you should learn to say NO!

Many of us consider “NO” a dirty word. We were taught to think of others before us and to always give more than we receive. As it is the right thing to do, not being able to say “no” also has its downsides. Here is the real reason why we should put it back to our vocabulary.

Our inability to say “no” just to reassure and make someone else feel comfortable is not only unfair to ourselves, but it can be unfair to the other person as well.

Disregarding our own feelings and needs seems like the unselfish thing to do. After all, we are taught to give, not take. But, just because it’s easier to say “yes” doesn’t mean we should. What if “no” would result in a better outcome for both parties? Saying “no” doesn’t have to mean you’re being self-serving.

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