She Gave Up Gluten For 10 Years, But The Results Of Her Diet Weren’t What She Thought They Would Be

In the pursue of a healthy and skinny life, we're often trying to improve our eating habits. I think that this is positive, but it's also good to be moderate and reasonable by doing that. That's why I'm realy grateful to Jenny Sugar, who has shared her personal experience after giving up gluten for 10 years.

No lie, the first day I passed on gluten, I felt instantly better. Without all those crackers, cereal, and bowls of pasta weighing down my digestive tract, my belly felt more at ease. Since I was new to the whole gluten-free scene, I ate foods I knew were gluten-free like fruits and veggies. So for the first few weeks, I had no bloating, no gas, no constipation. I felt like a new me, which almost made it easy to give up on all my favorite foods.

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But after the first two weeks, I was so, so sad — I didn't realize I was obsessed with gluten until I had to give it up. I found myself daydreaming about stealing muffins from the bakery and swimming in bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios. I became completely focused and utterly upset over all the foods I couldn't have. I mourned for all the times I was hanging with friends and couldn't sling back a beer, grab a slice of pizza, or enjoy someone's adorable birthday cupcakes. It seems silly to get depressed over missing out on Gramma's baked ziti, but it was very real for me.

Before spiraling into a deep, dark, gluten-free hole, I took my first trip to the health food store and discovered all the gluten-free alternatives to my fave foods. I bought it all and ate it all. I even bought foods I never ate like gluten-free waffles and mini pecan pies, just because I could eat them. These foods uplifted my spirit tremendously, but big shocker here — my stomach once again waged war. And to make matters worse, after two months of eating this way, I found my need for elastic waistbands increasing. Isn't going gluten-free supposed to help with weight loss? Uh, not if you eat gluten-free junk food full of empty calories.

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