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Our family time is too precious to let others interfere in it whenever they feel like it… We have many obligations and are always fitting our family life between work, school, and errands. That’s why we became really upset when we got disturbed by door-to-door salesman.


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I understand these people have to work and earn money for their families, and that’s why I try to be polite when telling them I’m not interested. I’m never insulting. But the people that came to our door, seemed to be able to pick the least appropriate time possible. Their favorite time was when our smallest child was asleep, sure they woke him up, or when I was in the middle of my workload. On their last visit, when they came ringing to our door at 10 pm during a working week, they went over the top!

This perfect solution came right to me

But, even if it doesn’t look like it at first, sometimes in life all things just come together at the perfect timing. When my anger calmed down, I decided to buy a No soliciting sign, as my colleagues suggested. It turned out, that one of my work colleague had been a part of the reward program for a No soliciting sign, which offered really great discounts. As I signed in, I immediately gained access to this discount, which continued to increase. That’s how I got my high-quality sign for a really great value. The offer was much better than I had ever hoped it to be…


My colleagues advised me not to buy a cheap sticker for our entrance door and warned me that a sign should be big and visible enough for solicitors to notice it. Maybe smaller would work as well, but a smaller sign gives the solicitor the opportunity to claim he didn’t see it. We live in a relatively small house, and that’s why they advised me to buy two signs: for our front and for our back door. My colleague actually had the experience, that when he put the sign only on front door, one of the solicitors came knocking on his back door. A man can hardly believe that, but yes!

After being fully equipped with the advice and with the wish of my wife not to pick an ugly sign which would spoil the looks of our door, I decided to buy two black premium engraved No soliciting by JP Signs. They match all the criteria: they are elegant, visible and quality made. I have to say the signs didn’t disappoint me. They arrived on time and are high-quality products. My wife was happy with them (the most important factor ;)), she even said they improve the looks of our door because they look like a décor. The manufacturer added simple instructions on how to place the sign, which made the installation really easy.


Finally peace … that's all we want!

Several weeks have passed since we have placed the signs, and no solicitors have come knocking on our door. In fact, we have almost forgotten how annoyed we were for too many times. That’s why for me these signs have really high value, not only in the quality of the product itself, but also if I look at what it has contributed to our family.

Soliciting further previews of dessert

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This experience has shown me, how easy it was for me to solve such a problem and I wanted to share it with you. The guys from JP Signs are really trying their best and with the reward program, they’re offering some amazingly great discounts. So, if you are being annoyed by unwanted visitors, don’t think twice about the solution – it’s too easy. Click the link below and see by yourself. If you decide to give it a try, I would love to hear about your experience with the sign, so don't forget to let me know your thoughts.

Click here and see for yourself: JP Signs Reward Program

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  1. hopefully they won’t use your contact information to advertise to you some more. my problem with unwanted guest is evangelist and family members. I politely told the preacher wife and her daughters that we had a no soliciting sign. she dead serious dead we’re not selling anything we just want to make sure you’re not selling your soul. I couldn’t slam the door in her face because of manners but the second time she came my mother was there yes also uninvited because apparently family doesn’t have to call first and she was just delighted. she was kind enough to open my door for me and invite the lady in. #family #goingtohell

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