Little Kitten And Pregnant Mommy Both Love The Bump And The Baby Inside

I always get emotional, when I see a loving story like the one that was shared on LoveMeow. It is a story about an adopted little kitten and a pregnant woman, who are cuddling together and enjoying moments in the anticipation of a baby soon to come… Check it out and see yourself!

Siggy the kitty has been cuddling her human mom and the baby inside her belly since he was adopted. “My cat loves my bump. They’ve grown up together.”


Photo by Bogsasaurus

“Siggy is 5 and a half months old, my best friend’s cat had kittens and I helped her when she was in labour so I’ve literally known him from the day he was born!” Reddit user Bogsasaurus told Love Meow. “I was about 3 months pregnant when he was born. My partner and I took him home in April.”


Photo by Bogsasaurus

“He’s really clingy with me, especially when I’m ill. I spent 5 days in the hospital with a suspected blood clot on my lung and before I was taken in he spent two whole days by my side, wouldn’t leave me,” she said.


Photo by Bogsasaurus

Reed the whole remarkable story: Love Meow

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