Incredible Mom, Who Weaves Wigs For Kids With Cancer, Will Bring You Tears Of Sadness And Joy

A former cancer nurse seems to be a fairy godmother children with a severe diagnose have been waiting for. Her deeds are even more valuable, because those kids really need some cheering up, as well as they parents, who would do anything to see their children happy. Holly Christensen is a founder of the Magic Yarn Project, which makes and donates yarn wigs to children with cancer.


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We can’t take their horrible disease away, but we can add a bit of fun and whimsy to their young lives, say at the Magic Yarn Project.

My name is Holly Christensen. I have often witnessed the scary and painful world of cancer as an oncology nurse, friend, and family member. I’ve always held my cancer patients very close to my heart. In 2014 upon learning that a friend’s daughter had been diagnosed with cancer and would likely be in the hospital for a while, I began to think of what I could do to help bring some magic and light to this little girl’s life during the trying days that I knew were ahead for her.

Knowing how difficult it would be for her to lose her beautiful blonde curls, I made her a Rapunzel yarn wig and sent it in the mail.

She was overcome with joy.


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My friend remarked at how many other little girls in that hospital would love to have such a special gift as it had such an impact on her daughter’s demeanor and happiness during her treatments.

I began to organize what I thought would be a small project creating a few dozen wigs to send to little cancer patients and put up a request on Facebook for yarn donations. Within hours, I was flooded with responses from around the world—mothers who wanted these wigs for their little girls who have cancer, complete strangers who wanted to help by donating money to buy yarn, professionals reaching out and requesting wigs for their hospitals

What started as a small project, has snowballed into something much bigger than I ever expected.


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