5 Cutest Pictures Ever: Adopted Raccoon, All Relaxed In Her New Home

I just came across this cutest article ever on Cheeseburger, where they show an orphaned raccoon being completely relaxed in her new family. They don't go into detail, but apparently a baby racoon fell from the tree, and a very kind lady with a big heart took her as her own. Check out this awesome pictures to see it yourself.

When she fell from the tree, she was just a baby


Image Source: pumpkintheraccoon

Now, she's all relaxed on the couch – does it remind you of someone you know? 


Image Source: pumpkintheraccoon

Who's cooking today? 


Image Source: pumpkintheraccoon

Sweet, sweet love 


Image Source: pumpkintheraccoon

Look who's enjoying the pool


Image Source: pumpkintheraccoon

See the whole article on Cheezburger.com


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